Transports to Sardinia

Carrying any type of goods from and to Sardinia has not always been simple: the Italian island has always had the problem of isolation and not now, but for decades (we can say from the Savoy Kingdom); With the years, however, something has gone by changing and the private investors have realized that the island was a treasure to be valued and internationalized.

The first problem was, obviously that of the transport and many were the private companies that took the burden of turning the Sardinian island into a nerve point of commerce and travel. It was not easy, but the job repaid the expectations. One of these companies, that first understood the commercial potential Sardinian was the Casped S.r.l., which starting from its headquarters in Como, has implanted its correspondents in Sardinia (also because it is present and well represented in the whole country) and for the precision in Cagliari and Sassari. They are not two random cities: they are located at the opposite end of the other, thus succeeding in covering the entire territory of the island.

A great experience in the intermodal transports of the Casped, it has given solutions to the difficult Sardinian territory: the interior does not remain isolated from the smoothest commercial routes, such as maritime ones, precisely because this company, interpreting the needs of the territory moves, depending on the case, on the road and Sum sea; To make a practical example: If the parcels must be shipped from Alghero the problem does not exist, view the location facing the sea of the city; But if this is to be done from Sassari, then the speech is different: it is not located on the sea and necessarily there is the need to use different routes of transport in order to reach the destination. Here, in this case, Casped S.R.L.

Transports to Sardinia

It has an advantage over other companies: the experience in the intermodal trasport, which allow them to satisfy the needs of the users, without lengthening the time of delivery (and it is not a little!!!), With unincreased costs, and with excellent efficiency.

The perfect logistics is so much more indispensable if it is, for example, transport in A.D.R. (Acronym for Accord Dangereuses Route, which concerns the European Agreement for international Transports of dangerous Goods by road, signed in Geneva on 30 September 1957 and ratified in Italy with Law No. 1839 of 12 August 1962.), As can be for special waste or particular processed materials. Safety and experience, in such cases are the only thing that counts and that can guarantee a clean and perfect job. The Casped S.R.L. is able to guarantee this kind of service and this is already a certainty. The company avails itself of road vehicles (biliary, trucks, vans etc.) technologically at the forefront, modern and efficient, as well as, for maritime transports, it rely solely on companies of great breath, which can guarantee efficiency, speed and punctuality.

Transports to Sardinia, they have in this company, a firm point for their development not only national but also European and international.

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